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Robert Nunnally creates electronic music under the performing name Gurdonark. Gurdonark grew up in Gurdon, a small town in Arkansas, a state in the southern United States of America. He now lives with his wife in Allen, in the state of Texas, in the USA . He works as a commercial litigation attorney. He believes in freeware, shareware, compassion and hope.

Through his musical releases, he advocates for a 'sharing culture'. Creative expression is liberally licensed to listeners, media creators and fellow musicians and artists, to permit more liberal use of the material than traditional copyright strictures ordinarily allow. He describes his music as “weirdbient”, a blend of “ambient” and “weird”. His music alternates between Winter light and the dark of Summer. His pieces are by design background music to soundtrack daydreams. His work is frequently used to soundtrack art video and “viral video” by video-makers around the world. Over one hundred and fifty such short films have been made with Gurdonark soundtracks. Gurdonark, with Verian Thomas, co-own the netlabel Negative Sound Institute [http://www.negativesoundinstitute.com]. He actively supports the Creative Commons. He has published poetry and licensed photos for use in websites.

Audio Releases:

Gurdonark is active in the CCmixter.org community, through which he has released over 100 Creative Commons tracks for free download. Gurdonark has also released the following Creative Commons extended play releases: Tallgrass Canticle (Negative Sound Institute); A Texas Christmas Holiday with Zikweb Travel (Negative Sound Institute); Eerie Exchange Prairie Park (Internet Archive); Seven Virtues (Jamendo). Gurdonark is one half of the post-rock Thomas Nunnally Ensemble.

Gurdonark tracks appear in many compilations, which include the following albums:
In Vitro's Phantastico Dogma [Kreislauf netlabel].;

From a Darkened Pool [Darkwinter netlabel]
Data Transfer (with Lezrod) [Zymogen netlabel];

Particular Streams Remixes [Treetrunk netlabel]
Resting Bench Remixes Volume 1 [Earth Monkey netlabel];

String Ambient [Webbed Hand netlabel]
No R Mal [Just Not Normal netlabel];

A Candle's Golden Glow [Darkwinter netlabel];

Thoughts of the Long Now [Intelligent Machinery netlabel];

Low Times of Hi Fi [Pharmacom netlabel];

Long Defeat Varations (C. Reider) [vuzhmusic].

His music has been used on the Canadian public radio program Spark, on numerous podcasts, on netradio such as Stillstream, and in conventional radio airplay.


Gurdonark music is featured in over 150 video soundtracks.

A sample includes:

Soundtrack, “Magnum Farce” (animated short, USA)

Festivals: Action on Film (USA), Indie Gathering (USA), Cinema City (USA). Featured on funnyordie.com

Gurdonark pieces featured in these broadcast/festival releases:
“No copy, the Movie” (German) (Jan Krömer, Evrim Sen) (2006)
“Flickradio” (Dutch) (Bert Kommerij) Broadcast: Dutch Radio 5, TV2 Holland.

Festivals: Picnic 09 (Netherlands), NPOX (Netherlands), Filmfestival Breda, Festival of Four Screens (France)

Gurdonark music in art video:

Video artists using Gurdonark for soundtracks include Sam Renseiw [Denmark]; Jennifer Proctor (Nanoramas) [USA], Florence Artur [France], Rupert Howe [UK] and Ryan is Hungry [USA].

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